Aluminium Mirror in China
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Aluminium Mirror

Aluminium mirror is produce through three kinds of processing, work by cleaning,aluminum-coated in vacuum metal aggradations and reacts swiftly, and two layers of waterproof paints on the surface of float glass or sheet glass, The first paint-drain to be corrosion-resistant and dry, the second paint-drain to be waterproof, hard and dry, Back paint anti-corrosion, dampness resistant and waterproof. With lower prices than silver mirror,
aluminum mirror is also widely used in many fields. as furniture, crafts, decoration, optical, auto rearview......

Made of quality float glass:
Two layer of Italy FENZI paints, perfect resistance to corrosion, enduring longer.
High reflectivity with clear and vivid image
Safety backed mirror are available(CAT-I, CAT-II)
Colored mirror are available,

edge working such as: Straight edge, Flat edge, beveled edge, drilled etc...

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  • Aluminium Mirror
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