Clear Glass Louvre in China
Glass Louvre

Clear Glass Louvre

Clear glass louvre is making by number of piece of glass sheet at the same angle, parallel and fixed to the frame of the window structure, it main contain frame,two long side polished edge strip glass,glass clips, Glass can be turn round with in 0℃-105℃,Good ventilation and lighting area.

Sun-shading and ventilation, Nice Appearance
Adjust wind way, Control of air flow
Sound Insulation, Heat Insulation, water proof.Flexible and durable, Cleaning easy,

Glass Type
Tempered Glass, Clear Floated Glass, Tinted Float glass, Reflective Glass, Insulating Glass, Low-E Glass or Other Customized

  • Clear Glass Louvre
    SubstrateClear Glass, tempered glass, insulating glassColour: clear ,blue,gray,bronze........
  • Reflective Glass Shutter
    SubstrateReflective glass, tempered glass, insulating glassColour: blue,green,gray,bronze....
  • Color Glass Louver
    SubstrateColor glass, tempered glass, insulating glassColour: blue, green, gray, bronze......