Clear Sheet Glass in China
Sheet Glass

Clear Sheet Glass

Sheet glass also called Glaverbel glass,plate glass,it is made by mix high-quality sand,soda ash,dolomite and other chemical materials into glass furnace by a high temperature,take in turn through flat drawn,forming,anneal,cut and packing finished,clear sheet glass with high quality and competitive prices pristine surface,natural daylight,high light transmittance(88%) and uniform thickness.

Processing options:tempered,laminated,polished edge etc...
Multiple applications:ideal for furniture (lamp,photo frame,welding glass lens), building(windows ,greenhouse)

Thickness:0.8mm 1mm 1.3mm,1.5mm,1.8mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm
Tolerance:0.8~1.3mm -0.1mm
1.5~3mm -0.2mm
Size:610x914mm,1220x914mm,1220x1016mm,1220x1830mm,1200x1500mm,max size:2000x2440mm,
Cut frame size:100x150mm,130x180mm,150x210mm,180x240mm,200x300mm,240x300,300x400mm,
300x450mm,400x500mm,400x600mm,500x700mm,700x1000mm etc…
Cut Tolerance:-0.2mm
Diagonal Tolerance:+-0.5mm
Processing:non glare,C-edges and wash clean

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