Laminated Glass in China
Safety Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is making by two or multi-layer pieces of high quality float glass bonded together with a polyvinylbutyral (PVB) interlayer. Through hot pressure machine put air out as much as possible and then put into the high pressure steam autoclave with high temperature and pressure make the small amount of air into the film.The PVB interlayer withstands penetration from impact. Even if the glass cracks, splinters will adhere to the interlayer and not scatter.

1)Extremely safety: higher strength to resistance shock, hurricane,earthquake,burglary, burst and bullets.
2)Energy-saving : PVB interlayer impedes the transmission of solar heat and reduces power consumption
3)Create aesthetic sense to buildings: Laminated glass provide kinds of color interlayer will beautify the    buildings and harmonize their appearances with surrounding views,
4)Sound control: PVB interlayer is an effective absorber of sound.
5)Uv:the interlayers can filter ultraviolet that can prevent the indoor objects ,such as furniture fading.

Multiple applications:
It is widely use in the place that safety is highly  required .such as curtain wall,ceiling,banks,jewelry,shop,school....
Place which has special requirements to the sound insulation ,such as station and airport
Decoration and furniture,show windows and aquarium
Observation window,as bulletproof and antiknock devices ...

Specification: max:2440mm×3660mm,1200mmx13000mm,
Thickness:Thickness of laminated glass:4-35mm
Thickness of PVB film:0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, and 3.8mm
Colors of PVB film:transparent, blue, green, gray, milky white ,bronze , French gray .available colour are custom.
Quality Standard: GB15763.3-2009 and AS/NZS 2208-1996