Tinted Float Glass in China
Float Glass

Tinted Float Glass

Color float glass is produced by the float technique with addition some quantities of metal oxides to color the clear glass,this coloration is achieved through adding metal oxides at the smelting stage, addition of metal oxides color doesn’t change the basic properties of the glass, Even though visible light reflectance will be slightly higher than clear glass, the color density increases with thickness,whereas the visible transmittance decreases correspondingly as thickness increases.

Multiple processing options : can be tempered, laminated,insulated,double glazing,or heat strengthened and can be silk-screened or enameled.
Multiple applications:Curtain wall,window,interior glass screens,shop display windows.door,showcases,display shelves etc..
Multiple color options:Pink,F-green, Dark green, Ocean blue, Dark blue, Ford blue, Dark grey, Ligh grey, Yellow, Gold-bronze,Europe bronze.

1 Tinted float glass has the features of mild color,absorbing solar radiant heat,saving energy,make buildings colorful,providing various degree of solar control and energy saving for modern buildings,absorbing ultraviolet radiation for reducing the damage to human beings and prevent color from fading and so on....
2 Standard:China GB/T 18701-2002,  Europe EN 572 part 2 1995

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