Clear glass, Mirror glass, Processed glass
Glass Mirror

Glass Mirrors are usually made from float glass 4-6mm thick, and silvered on one side. Mirrors are available for use without a surrounding frame, these usually are made from a type of safety glass. Old mirrors, and modern mirrors supplied within a frame, should not be used unframed as any damage to them might cause the glass to shatter dangerously

Glass Brick

Glass bricks have long been an architectural feature in buildings of all sizes and types,moving in recent years from their utilitarian beginnings in commercial and industrial buildings into widespread popularity in residential construction. Glass blocks are strong, attractive, sound-deadening, and allow natural light to enter while still preserving privacy.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass Made from flat glass, this type has a design rolled onto one side during manufacture, pattern glass can fully allow the light to pass through ,it can be used for decorative effect or to provide privacy,Patterned glass is available in a range of coloured tints as well as plainInstall glass with patterned toward to inroom.increase decorative,but as showroom,partition door and window, notice the textures should be toward to ourdoor,prevent surface flooding and perspective

Wire Glass

Wired glass is a product in which a wire mesh has been inserted during production. It has an impact resistance similar to that of normal glass, but in case of breakage, the mesh retains the pieces of glass and not fall down, This product is traditionally accepted as low-cost fire-proof glass and violence-resistant

how to make pattern glass

While glass lovers might be more familiar with U.S. Glass Co. in relation to the Depression glass patterns they made, there were many other wares made by the factories operating as part of this conglomerate.   glass include blue (which is more of a medium blue in comparison to traditional cobalt blue Depression glass), clear, green, amber, canary yellow, pink, and black. Not all patterns were made in this full color spectrum.Tiffin glass is particularly well known for making beautifull ...

How To Distinguish Silver Mirror And Aluminium Mirror

Silver mirror and aluminium mirror have different reflection resolution. Silver mirror is more clear than aluminium mirror and the geometric angle reflect the source is more specification. Aluminium mirror is in low reflectivity. It’s always in short service life and bad corrosion resistance. The back of silver mirror is usually coated with gray. And the aluminium mirror back is often coated with red. Certainly we could also distinguish the silver one and aluminium one by the front colors. Silv ...