Popular Decorative Glass In Our Daily Life

Nov 19, 2014

Crystal art glass is without any metal material cold and traditional decorative heavy. They are always bright and exquisite, light and lively. I think the decorative glass is the best choice in home furnishing glass. It creates unique scenery in our home life and reinforced concrete city. So decorative glass has been trend new favorites that young gens pursue. The decorate effect of the art glass has been a new choice for indoor decoration material gradually.

At present, the art glasses in the market could be divided into two kinds, they are painting and color carving. Certainly according to the processing technique they also include hot melting, die casting, cold working then pasting and other types. If the art glass adopts paste techniques, you should pay attention to the glue and sizing degree. Identification method is to see whether the adhesive side is light or not. Besides when you choosing the glass, you must watch the glass inner carefully. The inner glass must be without any residual hand stains, water stains and spots. The art glass is nearly ubiquitous in interior space, such as background wall, ceiling, partition, screen and so on. It has been decorative elements in interior design.