Soundproof Window With Laminated Glass

Jan 20, 2015

Nowadays soundproof window with laminated glass has better noise effect in the market. It also owns mature production technology. Compared to other glasses, laminated glass is more seismic. Generally speaking, laminated glass can prevent theft, bullet and explosion. The window glass in the bank is laminated glass. Because bank needs a safe environment.

Laminated glass has these above functions since its special inner structure. Put the robust PVB adhesive film clip in the middle of number piece of float glass. Then treating the clip with hot press machine and discharging intermediate air as far as possible. Finally taking it into high pressure steam kettle and put the remaining air into the film.

Soundproof window with laminated glass continues hollow glass performance of thermal and insulation. That is in favor of saving power while using the air conditioner. The middle adhesive film can prevent 99 percent of ultraviolet rays. These all have good protective effect on wood floor, furniture and antique in the room. So it could avoid aging even the ultraviolet rays have been beamed for long time. However this window is always in good light transmittance. We will suggest people customized large open window and improve the transmittance with highest limited.