Working Principle In Float Glass

Oct 20, 2014

Glass melting enter into the bath uniformity to form clear float glass through the passage. With its own gravity and surface tension, glass liquid becomes glass belt naturally. Then it will make clear float glass by the external force pulling and temperature adjustment. The surface of clear float glass is smooth and without any corrugated. Certainly its perspective is good.

The working principle of float glass is not complicated. Two kinds of liquid with different proportion. The smaller one is floating above. The glass metal which has been melted flow of tin bath constantly and drift forward by traction of drive roller. Under a certain temperature, it will finish flattening and showing thin rely on surface tension and gravity. After cooling, the glass eave the tin slot and get into the annealing kiln. Certainly it must crosscutting, inspection, packing finally. The float glass with special process has good quality, various kinds, large output and long working cycle.

Clear float glass has good transparency, brightness and purity. It is best choice for people who want to buy the material with good natural lighting. This float glass is most widely used than other architectural glass.