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Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror isn't traditional old mirror, it is one kind of decorative mirror pane, it's different with commonly aluminium mirror or silver mirrors of our life. antique mirror is produced by special oxidation treatment on silver mirror glass surface,form various pattern of shape and colored,provide a antique effect.creating a sence of travel through space-time,antique mirrors backed famous fenzi paint by and double waterproof coated.


Antique mirror regard as one kind of decorative glass,offer interior old world decor with different tints of gray shades of colors,Elegant and showily,application in wall mirror,background,bathroom mirror,hanging mirror,jewelry box,furniture,hotel and so on

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Refined technique,provide various color and patterns
Offer interior a old word decor,make a sence of elegant appearance
Unique designs,close to nature aesthetic
Variety color and patterned,textured nuanced
Double waterproof coated
Eco-glass friendly,non copper,non lead
Maintenance-friendly,durable glass surfaces

Material:clear float glass&tinted glass
Standard size:1830x2440mm,2140x3300mm,2440x3300mm,2250x3300mm,2250x3660mm,2134x3660mm