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Blue One-way Perspective Tempered Glass



Blue One-way Perspective Tempered Glass

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Qualified Tempered Float Glass

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one-way glass

HHG is a professional glass manufacturer and glass solution provider include range of tempered glasslaminated glasstextured glass and etched glass. With more 20 years development, there are two produce lines of pattern glass ,two lines of float glass and one line of restoration glass. our products 80% ship to overseas, All our glass products are strict quality control and carefully packed in strong wooden case, ensure you receive the finest quality glass safety in time.

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Product Description

Unidirectional perspective glass is a special type of glass made from ordinary glass by magnetron sputtering. According to the thickness, it is mainly divided into 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc., which are commonly used in dance rooms, hotels, and other places requiring single-sided visual effects. Unidirectional perspective glass is not only as simple as having a single visual effect, but also has the functions of sound insulation, explosion prevention, and bulletproof. There are also differences in degrees, and the locations used for different degrees and processes are also different.

The types of one-way perspective glass are mainly divided into: single piece one-way perspective glass, safety adhesive type, hollow sound insulation, bulletproof and anti impact type. Different types of one-way perspective glass are suitable for different places, and how to choose them depends on your own needs.

Safety adhesive type
On the basis of one-way perspective glass, an additional piece of glass is added for laminated synthesis. The structure is typically 5mm+0.76PVB+5mm. It is generally used in public security bureaus, interrogation rooms, schools, and other places. It is made with a laminated adhesive process, and even under impact, it will not fall and hurt people.

Hollow sound insulation type
The hollow type one-way perspective glass has better sound insulation and heat insulation effects, and is usually used in places with high requirements for sound insulation. For example, if household noise is high on the roadside, it is necessary to use a hollow sound insulation type with a structure of 6+9A+6.

Bulletproof one-way glass
Bulletproof one-way perspective glass adopts the form of three layers of adhesive, and its structure is usually 8+8+8. It is generally used in places with high demand for safety protection, such as financial institutions, banks, and other places.