Acid Etched Glass in China
Decorative Glass

Acid Etched Glass

Acid etched glass also called frosted glass.opaque glass or non-fingerprint glass,it was produced by acid etched the surface of the float glass,that form an obscure and smooth surface,Acid-etched glass offer architects and designers many option. Acid-etched glass creates a translucent satin appearance while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.
Available in many process options (cutting,bending, drilling, silvering, painting, toughened, polished, laminated (with a clear or coloured interlayer),   
Applications in many ideal for interior (furniture and kitchen components, bathroom, mirror and closet doors,... ) and exterior (roofing,stairs, display fixtures, Fence,wall decoration.... )

The consistent quality finish
more transparent than sandblasted glass
Maintenance easily,highly resistant to stains
Does not come off or discolor like films
Does not scratch off like coatings
High level of light transmission: huihua offers as high as 90% depending on the thickness of the glass