Colored Sheet Glass in China
Sheet Glass

Colored Sheet Glass

HUIHUA Glass for Optical 
Colored glass is made by melt quartz sand and metal mineral,metallic powder pigment was fully solved in glass liquid at high temperatures,go through flat drawn technique make into super thin glass sheet,take turns throught annealing,cutting finished.smooth surfac,distortion free appearance,uniform thickness,no stannum materials on the glass surface,suit for optical processing,huihua colour glass widely use for optical research and sun-glasses region.

Right picture is Huihua Colored glass product line
Architecture options:gold,emerald,sapphire (thickness 1.5-3mm)
Optical options: Green-grey,Grey,Bronze,(thickness:1.5mm)
Application: optical and sunglasses
Delivery :ocean shipment by container

  • Dark-Green Glass
    SubstrateEmerald glass or  mirror coatingThickness: 1.3mm~3mm.Size: 400x500mm,500x820...
  • Dark-Blue Glass
    SubstrateSapphire blue glass or  mirror coatingThickness: 1.3mm~3mm.Size:400x500mm,50...
  • Golden-Yellow Glass
    SubstrateGolden glass or silver mirror coatingThickness: 1.1mm,1.3mm.1.5mm 2mm and 3mmSize...
  • Green-Grey Glass
    Substrate Green-grey color(G15),used for sunglass and including lens. Other colour: gre...
  • Dark-Bronze Glass
    SubstrateDark brown used for sunglass,lens Thickness: 1.5mm, Size: 400x500mm, 40...
  • Light-Bronze Glass
    Substratelight brown glass used for sunglass.len Thickness: 1.5mmSize: 400x500mm, 400...
  • Dark-Gray Glass
    SubstrateDark grey glass used for sunglass .lens Thickness: 1.5mmSize: 400x500mm, 400...
  • Light-Grey Glass
    Substrateused for sunglass,lens.Thickness: 1.5mmSize: 400x500mm, 400x600mm, 600x800mm
  • Wine Red Glass
    SubstrateThickness: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 3mm.Size: 400x500mm, 400x600mm, 600x800mm,1000x1500...