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Colored Sheet Glass

Colored sheet glass is made by mix metal oxides and sulfides that act as 1.jpgpigments in melting glass,For example, manganese oxide produces a purple coloured glass,cobalt,a blue,cadmium sulfide,a canary yellow.and selenium,a red.Huihua produce tinted glass panels upon the basis of optical glass standard,excellent optical performance,smooth surface,uniform color,even thickness, this colour glass panels is different with float glass,the best benefit is without tin surface,no reflect coating,enhance application for optical or mirror coating,improve the value,Huihua colored glass widely applications for optical lens,lamp sunglasses lens and building decorative range。


Mineral glass,excellent optical performance,
Without tin surface,no reflect coating
No pimple,no scratch,occasional bubbles.

Colour : Dark grey, light grey,bronze,Green green(G15)
Delivery time:two weeks,ocean shipment by container

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