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Colored Float Glass

Colored float glass is made by ppg glass technique which mix metal oxidesQQ图片20230403083027.jpg into melt clear glass by temperature 1800℃ in the furnace,the oxides color all glass of furnace,the molten glass flows to tin bath where the glass was spread from body tinted glass sheet,it isn’t fade with time,HHG colored glass which reduces both visual and radiant transmittances,soft light and filter harmful uv ray,keep interior feature without fading,high value creation by variety colour of building’s exterior appearance,it’s popular use for double glazing of window glass,furniture,dinner table,glassdoor,auotmobile,or decorative etc…

Variety Color options:pink,black,F-green,solar green,Dark green,ocean blue,yellow,Dark blue,euro grey,dark gray,gold bronze and euro bronze
Energy saving through prominent heat avsorption and reduce the transmission of solar radiation
Tinted float glass can be mirrors coating ,laminated,tempered IU and bent,
Standard:China GB/T18701-2002,Europe EN 572 Part 2 1995
It is body tinted glass .not coating,not fade for forever