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Chicken Wire/Wired Glass

Wired glass is a kind of reinforced concrete structured safety and decorative1.jpg glass planes with wire mesh embedded in the glass by a special mesh unwinding system producing clear wire glass and patterned wire glass during glass forming,it's can be apply to single piece of glass sheets for window,needn’t processing of tempered or laminated,wired mesh glass widely used in public and private places that require fire-proof, violence-resistant, burglar-proof glass, fencing,such as industrial building, workshop, chicken coop,store display, basement and parking area etc,the product is accepted as low cost fire glass.

1.Good fire-proof safety
It's a china standard Class C, Level 2 fire rated glass,The wire glass wouldn't been exploded to peel off and still keep a tight barrier state in the fire,which can effectively prevent from spreading and diffusing of fire And harmful gas,fire-proof time can be up to 90minutes,Because the wire in the center of glass and balanced structure,so it has a very stable fire retardancy, which will not vary from either of glass side the fire is on. And also solve the problem of considering both fire retardancy direction and pattern direction.

2.Ideal quakeproof safety
Common glass or tempered glass would fall or splash debris(particle) after break. The special reinforced concrete structure of wire glass determines that the glass debris wouldn't fall or splash in strong vibration or shock after break, and it still be tightly attached to wire mesh. Therefore, wired glass can effectively prevent splash damage caused by glass break in earquake, industry vibration and external impact. Wired glass still don't need to consider the force direction in design and use because of centered mesh.

3. High-end and obsecured decorative
Translucent and Glass surface has nashiji and diamond patterned to choose, the internal wire mesh can be shaped into square or rhombus form its unique decorative property

♦ After cutting glass, glass side appear with small breach might effect strong of glass
♦ Single piece of wire glass use for window ,needn’t tempered or laminated,
♦ When install the wire glass on window,should be reduce gap between glass and window frame,so as strengthen antiseismic

Type of wire glassQQ图片20211014113016.jpg
Pattern wire glass
Clear wire glass
Laminated wire glass

Govern building,museums,bank,airports
Glass screens,partitions,balustrades
Light rood,Window,door,houses
the area of fall or shake- proof
Shop display window,cabinets
fencing or chicken
fire fighting access