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Anti Reflection Glass/Anti Glare Glass

QQ截图20230722151944.pngAR Glass is made by ultra clear flat glass with proprietary megnetron sputtering surfaces coating technology minimize visible light reflectance to less than 2% compared to normal clear glass that is 8%,this will permit more visible light to pass through it.reduces the reflection of the glass effectively, enhance the transmittance of the glass, makes the original color through the glass more vivid and true.Combined with the video imaging screen, it can form a transparent anti-glare and anti-reflection screen, which solves the problem of reflective and glare under the ambient light source of the electronic video screen and the image screen, improves the image quality. This effect does not change at a large viewing angle.

Ar coated glass also suit for laminated process,as a result it offer safety,damage protect and sound control,in addition it can block 99%UV to protect interiors and contents,Ar glass application for clear image and area where require anti reflective,as for library,museum,display cabinet,retail show,Panorama restaurant or playground.

At same time anti reflective offers the traditional benefits of tempered,insulated and bent like normal glass