Engrave Glass

Engrave glass also called v-grooved glass,is an extension to the sandblasting or acid-etching, HHG carving glass is done by electrically carving machine which combination of auto air pressures and amount of abrasive in the mixture, which carve on the glass surface giving multiple depths to the segments of the design. There are various textures (lines, geometric, floral etc),gives a really rich look to your interiors.Glass can be Double pane insulated or single pane,even in combination with other design elements, such as silk screening, to create a myriad of patterns. we are continually try make new v-groove shape and lines,V-grooved lines cut incoming light,look like a prism resolve a full spectrum of light, while exuding elegance and beauty.V-groove glass are popular in some star level projects.If something below doesn't catch your eye feel free Draw up your own design to us.


Design Versatility,engrave glass can be done on any flat glass and mirrors.HHG glass V-Grooved glass can be heat strengthened, tempered and laminated,HuiHua glass can create simple to complex designs for your liking.we’re happy to work with you to make low volume needs.Polished, unpolished, straight, patterned, silhouetted,available make into laminated with fabrics, metal mesh or other materials to create an interesting appearance.