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Decorative Iridescent Dichroic Glass Panels For Building

The dichroic glass is also called rainbow glass or colourful glass,It's color effect is generated when coating the metal film,it's color will vary when observed from different angles.When it encounters light, its surface exhibits one color.but the light passing through the glass emerges as an entirely different color,as if rainbow triturated and mixed in,at sense of sight,such a material can disassemble monochromatic light into light with a plurality of colors.And viewed from different angles, the colors obtained are different and effect of loom,provide more opportunity of glass options for architects. There can offer three kind of colour as it‘s major color.blue,orange and green.you can apply for any one match you building.


Principle of Dichroism Glass

When a bundle of monochromatic light is refracted on the surface of the crystal (as picture show),commonly two beams of refracted微信图片_20190917153410.jpg light are produced,This phenomenon is called birefringence.One of the two refracted lights always according the rule of refraction,called normal light, which is represented by the mark o; the other beam generally does not according the rule of refraction,called extraordinary light,and is represented by the mark e. Both o and e are linearly polarized,Most crystals produce equal intensity of o and e light in the natural light. However,some crystals have a large difference in the absorption of two refracted lights,This property is called dichroism.


Don't fade with the time and durable service.

Resisting climate ageing and chemic corrosion, resisting ultraviolet radiation and polluted circumstance

Process:cutting,edges polished,Tempered,laminated,insulating glass

Maintenance friendly


Window and door,building curtain wall,

Laminated glass for floor,

Hotel decor and private home,

Craft and landscaping light design


Size:1650x2200mm,1650x2440mm,1830x2440mm,2000x2440mm,2134x3660mm,2134x3300mm etc

Min order:100sqm

Lead time:15days

Payment:50%TT in advance.balance by B/L copy

Packing:ply-wooden cases,interleaving paper or foam paper

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