Tempered Glass in China
Safety Glass

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is make the flat glass  to just below its softening temperature  (650 °c) and suddenly blowing cool air, It results in the outer skins under powerful compressive stress and the interior with severe tensile stress, toughened glass on the premise of chemical structure and light propagation is not affected, it was changes in tension and bending strength,The intensity is the same size of normal glass 4 times and more Resistance in thermal stress, as a result, this impact applied to the glass will be overcome by the compressive stress on the surfaces to assure safety of use.toughened glass can’t cut, drill, polished, toughened glass will change small particles similar to honeycomb obtuse, not easy to hurt. it is a good safety glass.

Safety,tempered glass flexural strength is ordinarily glass 4-5times.
Resistance to heat shock
Resistance to wind load