The application of FRP grids is related to our daily life.

2019-08-12 16:00:54

FRP grille, as a building material, may be very strange to ordinary people, but in fact, it has its application everywhere in our daily life. For example, the boards laid in the tree pits on both sides of the road, the gray boards on the surface of the waterways of the square, the walkways of some people in the park, the grilles laid on the floor of the car wash, etc., are all applications of FRP grilles. Therefore, the application of FRP grids is related to our daily life.


In this paper, we will introduce several cases of FRP grids in daily life.


First, FRP grille grate is used to protect trees and beautify the environment. It plays an important role in landscaping and municipal construction. Its advantages are as follows:


1. Beautiful appearance, good overall smoothness


2. It can protect tree roots and avoid soil erosion.


3. It plays the role of dust suppression and effectively reduces the dust in the air.


4. The advantage of FRP grille as a tree grate is that FRP grille is non-metallic, light in weight and strong in strength, so it is anti-theft.


5. FRP grille as tree pool cover increases the beauty of urban greening, and is cleaner and more environmentally friendly.


6. It is made of non-metallic materials. It will not corrode, discolor, and is economical and durable.


The second type is FRP grille cover, which is actually an upgraded version of FRP grille. It has one layer more than the grille. Its advantages are as follows:


1. It has high impact strength and allows repeated bending without permanent deformation, while the metal grids retain permanent deformation after being impacted and need to be repaired.


2. It also has moderate elasticity, which makes the staff who work on it feel comfortable for a long time, reduces the urgency of the staff's legs and back, and reduces the occurrence of accidents, which is conducive to improving production efficiency.


3. It has anti-skid function. There are two kinds of natural anti-skid concave meniscus and anti-skid sand surface formed by moulding. There are two kinds of anti-skid sand surface: one is to lay sand in the mould and the other is to process sand again after demoulding. Both of these two kinds of sand paving surfaces provide superior anti-skid function, and the sand layer is not easy to peel off. Durable.


The third kind is FRP grille, which is laid for drainage in the car wash shop. It can reduce the indoor temperature of the car wash shop and make it easy to work. Summer is coming, people's working environment is getting hotter and hotter, especially as a hot car washing industry. Even if the store is cool enough, it is still sweating, because it is an industry that needs manual work. Summer heat removal is imminent. After installing the special FRP grille for car wash room, the time for washing water to stay on the ground decreases and goes to the drainage ditch, thus excluding the shop. In the process of discharging water, due to evaporation and heat absorption, as well as the hole-like structure of the special FRP grille for car wash room, it will make the car wash room inside. The temperature is lowered to achieve the cooling effect.


Do you know now? The application of FRP grids is related to our daily life and has been applied in all aspects of life.

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