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2mm Tempered Glass Use For Picture Frame

Place of Origin: ShaHe of China
Material: Soda-lime
Application: photo frame & picture frame of museum
Colors: Clear
Size: Customizable
FOB Price: usd3.00~5.00
Port: TianJin of China
Min. Order: 200sqm
Delivery: 15days
Supply Ability: 5000sqm/day
Payment: TT
Shipping: by ocean shipment
HS code: 70052900

By our professional technique,HHG 2mm tempered glass through physical methods,with heating annealed glass to 700 degrees in a furnace,the glass was cooled quickly with jets block of cold air,inducing compressive stresses to the surface,it change to high mechanical strength good thermal stability and safety performance,it is five times stronger than normal glass of the same thickness,when glass breakage,it break uo into small dulled edges.which reduces hurt happen to humans.
picture frame$photo frame where require safety glass,as for museum.artwork exhibition
Glass thickness:1.8mm,2mm,3mm
Material:clear float glass or Low iron glass
Size:customized size
Light transmittance>92%
Quality standard:CE,ISO9001:2015,AS/NZS2208:1996
Process availablehigh temperature or low temperature of silk screen printed
Standards:CE,AS/NZS2008:1996 etc