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Decorative Seamed Color Bevel Glass Cluster

Beveled glass with colour float glass,which is colourful and add colous for life,we can offer kind of glass sheet,as for reflective glass,acid etched glass,satin glass,ceramic glass and patterned glass,Bveled edge glass cluster is also apply for part of insert glass door,which is crystal clear or colour glass show,can offer various custom designs and size to achieve the most gorgeous.its apply for decoration window,door,furniture,wall painting,lantern,photo frame.Cnc machine process ensure exact size apply for install.



clear float glass, ultra clear float glass(low iron glass), frosted glass(acid etched glass), sandblasting glass, bronze glass, grey glass, patterned glass, borosilicate glass, ceramic glass, coated glass,AR glass, AG glass, etc.


according to customer's requirements


rectangular, round, oval or other special shape

Edge work

straight, round, beveled, stepped; polished, grinded, CNC process


silk-screen printing with black, white, gray, gold, brown, red, yellow, sandblasting effect, etc.(color is RoHS-compliant )


EN60598, EN12150, etc.(High security, once tempered glass breakage occurs, the glass could break into small fragments, which are harmless to human body)


paper interlayer, then wraped by kraft paper, then in polywood case. 

Main products

home appliance glass, cover glass of touch panel, lighting glass, instrument glass, etc.