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Mirror Display Glass For Tvs

mirror display glass also known as Magic mirror, mirror imaging mirror, mirror TV glass, etc. The magic mirror can change different display devices into mirror display devices as needed. The magic mirror itself has the characteristics of high reflection and strong transmission, and is a kind of optical lens specially made for mirror display equipment. It can perfectly hide the display system when the display device is turned off, presenting a mirror effect to the outside, and when the display device is turned on, it can perfectly pass through the light source of the display device, and then display the picture.

Mirror glass is coated with advanced coating technology and is processed by mirror reflection. When the TV is off and there is no backlight, the mirror effect is formed and used as a mirror. When the TV is turned on, there is a clear picture.

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1Transform the ordinary screen into a mirror screen, completely change the appearance of the display.

2Block the display and the rear equipment to achieve the effect of "no border"

3Change the waterproof performance of the screen itself

4Filter ultraviolet blue light to protect eyesight


Thickness: 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,7mm, 8mm,10mm

Size:1830x2440mm,2440x3300mm,2440mx3300mm,2140x3660mm,2440x3660mm, customized according to customer requirements

Smart bathroom mirror, window or door,high-end hotel, dressing table, waterproof TV, hairdressing mirror, fitting mirror, size display screen, etc