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One Way Sight Glass Mirror

One Way Glass Mirror also called magic glass or one way mirror,it is one kind of high technology glass mirror which is partially reflective and partially transparent.one way glass has strong reflective functions for visible light,the products reflective/mirror side must face the light or face the outside.When outdoors is much lighter than indoors,the functions of the one way glass/mirror is like the normal mirror,outside can't see anything which in the room.However,when outside get darker,you could see the outside sights,when you standing in the room and outside person also could see you.Degree of clarity depends on which side light is more strong.One way mirror glass can be reprocessed cut,tempered and also laminated to provide protection from human impact and reduce noise or soud transmission.

Hearing Room


Interior and exterior through door

    can see exterior clear in room                                can't see interior out of door
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1)reflective side has high reflection rate 
2)low light transmission rate
3)could be used in special side and can't be irreplaceable
4)durable pyrolytic surface
5)post heat-treatable
6)minimizes read-through

Surveillance for Daycare,Bank,Villa,Showrooms,Warehouse,Office,Home security,shops,Nanny-cam,Hidden television,Door peephole, Police station,Public security bureau,Detention house,Prison,Court,Procuratorate,Nightclub,Kindergarten,Mental hospital, Psychiatric hospital,airports security,Psychological counseling room,any area requiring observation etc.

Size:3660x2440mm,3660x2140mm,3300x2140mm,1830x2440mm,customer size available