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Snow Flower Patterned Glass

Add a sense of romance to your kitchen,bathroom or home using this exquisite texture glass,the nature innovative seem ice flower design on a window in the winter,this attractive random pattern created with a special Acid liquid etch one side of glass surface,then through a series technique adjust,form a snowflake figure on reeded glass,which provides a translucent with a smooth patterned look like iced up to vitality any decorative.

Transmittance light but not clear
Maintenance-freightly,durable surface,scrateched resistance
Uniformity finish and snow flower show
Matt surface,keep privacy
Eco-glass friendly

Clear or ultra clear
Thickness:4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
Size:1830x2440mm, 2000x2440mm,2000x2800mm,2000x3300mm