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Sunset Gold Reflective Solar Control Glass

The golden glass also called sunset gold.it offer a opportunity to make your project stand apart from the rest,the fashion products balance daylight transmittance and glare control.It is Perfect as an major color or to the whole building glazing,golden glass offer project and a sense of distinguished style and elegance.

HHG glass products does not require edge deletion for insulating glass unit,can make ceramic frit or slik screen to coated side,the golden coating would not oxidize or fade with time.

With fine natural daylight transmittance,the gold color glass enhance visual performance and lower useless 
lighting requirement,manufacture insulating glaze with golden glass improve the U-value and further reduce solar heat gain coefficient.

Features and benefits
 Fine daylight transmittance
 Suitable for single apply or double glaze of insulated glass unit(2 surface)
 Do not require edge deletion,Reduce lead time,
 Actually unlimited shelf-life
 Durable pyrolytic surface,can be handled same with flat glass,cut.tempered,laminated,insulated,heat-strengthened and bent with
standard techniques

 Commerical building
 Low or high building
 Interior designs
 Financial or banks,office and retail
 Hotel or area where require accent color appear
 Hospital or require solar and themal control
(Note:laminating with the coating touching the pvb interlayer will reduce reflective and increase light transmittance)

Available thickness
 Min order:two cases
Technical Date Sheet(TDS)

Glass typeTypeColorVisible lightSolar heat %U valueShading%G value


Transmittance%Reflective %

in winter

in summer

CoatedShadingGold color2826.4339.726235.355.30.310.27