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Restoration Glass


Welcome to huihua, China uniqueness and finest vertical machine draw
restoration glass from 1900's, it features less distorting and exhibits mild
waviness occasional seeds or defects, now there isn't this kind of
technology in the world, early vertical machine drawing already update
to neat sheet glass and float glass by modern technology,while we still
keep traditional methods of fourcault process,it is lively with distortion
and movement,appearance of antique window in old world,we createand
update the look and feel of original glass applications for authentic
restoration historic windows during the 19th to early 20th centuries
period style.

Recover glass can be process options of laminated, toughened and
double glazing meet current safety regulations, size and price don't
considerations compare with use of hand – blown cylinder glass.


Description: Light restorationmanufacturing:vertical machine drawndrawing sheet glass.jpgHistorical period:1914-1950
Glass feature:vertical wave
Flatness:very good
Available thickness:2mm,3/32",1/8",5/32"
max size: 72"x96" other size are available as request,
Available tempered? Yes
Laminated Safety Glass? Yes
Insulated IG? yes
Cut to size? Yes

Huihua restoration glass is authentic glazing materials for restoring historical monuments,it is a lively with distortion or occasional seeds,we can see movement in reflected light on the glass when across the street,commonly float glass is flat and lifeless no ability to match in old buildings.