Classification of Flat Glass in Electric Glass

2019-09-30 10:25:56

Glass is a common material in daily life. Glass is used in many places. Today Huihua Glass is going to introduce a different kind of glass - electrified glass. Do you know what kinds of flat glass are in electrified glass? What little knowledge should we know about electrified glass? Following is a description of the types of flat glass in electrified glass.


Flat glass refers to flat glass products without other processing, also known as white glass or net glass. According to the different ways of production, it can be divided into ordinary flat glass and float glass. Flat glass (electrified glass) is one of the most productive and utilizable types of installation glass. It is mainly used for doors and windows, lighting, enclosure, heat preservation, sound insulation and other functions. It is also the original sheet for further processing into other glass.


 The use of floor glass with different thickness is also different:


(1) 3-4mm glass. When we call the thickness of glass, millimeter (mm) is commonly called "li". In the application of flat glass, the "3cm glass" refers to glass with a thickness of 3mm. This kind of glass is mainly used for the surface of picture frames.


(2) 5-6mm glass. Mainly used in small area transparent modeling of exterior walls, windows, doors and fans.


(3) 7-9mm glass. Mainly used in large areas such as indoor screens, but also in the shape of frame protection.


(4) 9-10mm glass. It can be used for indoor large area partition (electronic control glass), railings and other decoration projects.


(5) 11-12 mm glass. It can be used in the ground spring glass door and in the partition of some activities and large flow of people.


(6) More than 15 mm. Generally, the market sells less, often need to order, mainly used for a larger area of ground spring glass door wall of the whole glass wall.


Classification of flat glass:


According to the thickness, it can be divided into thin glass, thick glass and Extra-thick glass. According to the surface state, it can be divided into ordinary flat glass, embossed glass, polished glass, float glass and so on. Flat glass can also be made into products with different colours and special properties by coloring, surface treatment and compounding.


Such as endothermic glass, heat reflection glass, selective absorption glass, hollow glass (electrofog glass), tempered glass, laminated glass, wire mesh glass, color glass and so on (see new building glass, safety glass). Ordinary flat glass: that is, window glass, generally refers to flat glass manufactured by grooved vertical pull-up, flat pull, grooveless vertical pull-up and Asahi process.


According to the standard "flat glass" (GB11614-2009), net glass can be divided into 12 specifications of less than 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19, 22 and 25 mm according to its nominal thickness.


It can be used in general buildings, factories, warehouses, etc. It can also be processed into ground glass, colored glazed glass, etc. The thickness of which is more than 5 mm can be used as the blank for the production of polished glass. The common floor panels are polished glass and float glass, which are produced by double-sided polishing, polishing or float process of ordinary flat glass. Usually used in civil buildings, shops, restaurants, office buildings, airports, stations and other buildings doors and windows, showcases and mirrors, can also be used for processing and manufacturing toughened, sandwich and other safety glass!


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