Main Introduction and Operating Principle of Electric Atomized Glass

2019-09-27 14:05:08

Power-on atomized glass, also known as intelligent dimming glass: It is a new type of special photoelectric glass product, which solidifies liquid crystal film between two pieces of glass and forms glue-clamped structure by special technology. In China, people are accustomed to call dimming glass intelligent dimming glass, smart glass, liquid crystal glass, electronic control glass, dimming glass, electro-optical glass, fog glass, power-on privacy glass, power-on transparent glass, magic glass and so on.


The dimming principle of intelligent dimming glass is that in natural conditions, the liquid crystal molecules inside it are arranged irregularly, the refractive index of liquid crystal is lower than that of outside polymer, and the incident light scatters in the polymer layer, which is opaque. In the future, the dispersed liquid crystal molecules will be placed in a regular orientation instead of random orientation, so that the refractive index of liquid crystal is equal to the refractive index of polymer, and the incident light can pass through completely. The two conditions of incompleteness and illumination can be changed at will in an instant.


Dimming glass is commonly known as electronically controlled dimming glass. Dimming glass is made by two pieces of glass, with dimming film in the center, using PVB film and high pressure autoclave. Operating principle of dimming glass: mainly the liquid crystal composition inside the dimming film, which makes use of the electro-transmission and scattering phenomena of liquid crystal, makes the dimming glass have the functions of electrification, power cut and light transmission (atomization).


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