Tempered glass can't hold up in hot weather

2019-09-20 13:51:44

Many commercial buildings originally wanted to appreciate high-rise sightseeing through transparent glass, but found that glass in the use process, can not avoid broken into spider-web-like rupture, as if a touch will fall. This makes tourists sighing at the developer's sightseeing tower: "It's so hot outside that even toughened glass can't stand up to it." Fragmented glass can be seen in many tourist towers. Media reports said that as of yesterday afternoon, the tourist towers in Nantang Street, Wenzhou had not been replaced. Next to this glass and on the third floor, there are other broken glass on the ground. According to the impression of Wenzhou City Property Company Nantang staff, they found the glass broken the day before yesterday, apart from the tower, Nantang Street, there are several other places where tempered glass cracked. The glass on the tower has not been replaced because it needs to be customized. They have contacted the glass factory for customization. "Maybe it's too hot these two days, and the thermal expansion and contraction lead to the cracking of tempered glass." Workers explained that they hoped that tourists who visited the tower would not knock on broken windows like this in order to avoid accidents.


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