The Difference Between Wired Glass and Ordinary Glass

2022-12-17 22:41:40

                                          The Difference Between Wired Glass and Ordinary Glass

Wired glass has the advantages of fire resistance, safety and anti-theft. Compared with ordinary glass, wired glass has more unique advantages

Wired glass requires that the thermal expansion coefficient of metal wire (mesh) is close to that of glass, is not easy to react with glass, has high mechanical strength and certain magnetism, and the surface is clean and free of oil stain

Wired glass is also called shatterproof glass Wired glass is made by heating ordinary flat glass to the state of red heat softening, and then pressing the preheated wire or wire mesh into the middle of the glass The characteristic of the wired glass is that it has excellent fire resistance, can block the flame, does not explode when burning at high temperature, and will not cause fragments to hurt people when broken. In addition, the wired glass has anti-theft performance, and the glass is cut and blocked by wire mesh. The wired glass is mainly used for roof skylights and balcony windows

The thickness of wired glass is generally more than 5MM, and the varieties include embossed wired glass, polished wired glass and colored wired glass. The shapes include flat wired glass, corrugated wired glass and grooved wired glass

Wired glass is a kind of impact resistant flat glass made by pressing metal wire or metal mesh into the glass plate. When impacted, it will only form radial cracks and will not fall into and hurt people. Therefore, it is mostly used in high-rise buildings and factories with strong vibration

Wired glass is a kind of safety glass. The pre woven steel wire is pressed into the softened red hot glass to form the wired glass The steel wire mesh plays a reinforcing role in the wired glass, so its bending strength and temperature resistance are higher than ordinary glass. Even if there are many cracks when it is broken, its fragments can still attach to the iron wire, so as not to splash around and hurt people. The wired glass is bright in color, suitable for the ceiling and partition of the room, making the room bright, spacious, elegant and luxurious

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