The Skills of Choosing Color Glass Mosaic

2019-09-12 16:06:21

Now mosaic is a very popular product, which can be used in many places. Here's how to choose and buy color glass mosaic.


1. Look at the texture on the back of the product: When choosing and purchasing, see if there are jagged or ladder-like grooves on the back of a single mosaic. If not, you can't choose, because it will not be firmly paved, which will directly affect our personal safety.


2. Visual test: 40 cm away from the mosaic in natural light to see whether there are cracks, lack of angle and other phenomena in mosaic, if there is no choice, it will bring inconvenience to future life and affect the beauty of the room.



3. Put nine mosaics randomly into a square and place them in a place with enough light to see if the surface gloss of the paint is even. If it is not uniform, it will fade easily in the humid room, affecting the beauty of the wall. That's a prudent choice.


4. Not only should the distribution area of decorations be more than 20% of the total area, but also stripes and mosaics should be uniformly distributed.


The use of this product for our architectural decoration is full of three-dimensional sense, more characteristic. It also inherits the advantages of high hardness, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproof and so on. Because of its many advantages, the scope of use is very wide.


In order to make the color glass mosaic decorative effect is good, we need to choose good quality products. Today, I explained the selection techniques for you, hoping to help you.

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