Understand the power-on glass, dimming glass and electronically controlled film

2019-10-08 13:24:33

What is dimming glass?


Dimmer glass, commonly known as magic glass, instant dimmer glass, smart window, smart dimmer glass film, discolored glass. Electrolytic liquid crystal nebulized glass, which is made by gluing the electro-control film between two pieces of glass by dry process.


What is an electronically controlled film/dimming film?


Dimming film, also known as PDLC film, in short, is a liquid crystal flat capacitor, which depends on the application or withdrawal of electric field to make liquid crystal molecules aligned or disorderly. When the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are scattered, transparent but not transparent; when electrified, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in a straight line, transparent and transparent.


It is worth mentioning that the dimming film can be used not only in glass, but also in existing glass. This kind of film is called self-sticking film.


At present, dimming film and dimming glass have been widely used in many fields such as space design, privacy protection and high-definition projection.


What are the applications of dimming glass in?


Office, conference room application: office area is partitioned by several walls or frosted glass will inevitably appear narrow and stuffy, all using transparent glass design and lack of privacy, and with dimming glass, you can easily control the glass as long as you gently press the remote control, so that the glass in the transparent and opaque state mutually fast. Quick switching, let the space open or closed as you like.


Hotel application: A warm resting place, a place that strives to give people a sense of "home-like" is indispensable to all kinds of convenient design for guests, while dimming glass is novel, beautiful and practical, which is deeply loved by hotel decorators. Its "transparent electricity, power grinding" features, so that the space can be relaxed, not only to enlarge the original not spacious space, but also to protect privacy when necessary, to add a lot of fun and convenience to guests.

Projection Touch Application: Dimmer glass can display clear image through projector back projection and control ambient light. Combined with infrared touch frame, large-scale "tablet computer" (130 inches in size) is formed, which opens up a new field of projection. Meetings and teaching are appropriate.

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