What are mirrors effect of the feng shui?

2023-11-20 16:51:13

What are mirrors effect of the feng shui?

Every family has a mirror, which is an indispensable item in our daily life. Simply put, it can be used to help organize appearance, and more commonly, it can also be used to improve home style, set off the atmosphere of the home, and so on. In addition to these, the role of mirrors in home feng shui is increasingly being accepted by more people. It is generally believed that the placement of mirrors directly affects the career, financial fortune, marriage, and even health of homeowners. The reason for this is because mirrors have nine feng shui functions. So what are the functions of mirrors?

The Nine Feng Shui Functions of Mirrors

1、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of introducing energy. For example, when a room lacks light, a mirror can be used to introduce light energy and increase the brightness of the room. However, it is important to avoid placing mirrors outdoors and directly reflecting sunlight indoors.

2、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of amplifying energy. Placing larger mirrors in a certain area or placing a large number of mirrors can give people a sense of spatial amplification. For example, when the ratio of length to width in the hall is imbalanced and the hall appears too narrow, mirrors of appropriate size can be placed on the long side of the hall to amplify the energy of the width, in order to compensate for the imbalance between length and width in the hall, resulting in the imbalance of yin and yang.

3、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of regenerating energy. As is well known, in feng shui, doors are relatively disadvantageous, with a focus on gossip and gossip. In fact, the feng shui effect of mirrors on doors is the same, especially when the height of the mirror is more than half of the height of the door, it is equivalent to using a mirror to create a door that is opposite to a real life door.

4、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of displaying energy. The energy display function of a mirror is mainly manifested by the feng shui function. If we place auspicious energy in front of the mirror, it will give us another auspicious energy display; If we place decadent energy in front of the mirror, it will also show us another decadent energy. Therefore, we can utilize the feng shui function of mirrors to effectively seek good fortune and avoid bad luck in feng shui regulation.

5、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of transforming energy. According to the theory of left Qinglong, right Baihu, front Zhuque, and rear Xuanwu in feng shui, we need a support behind our seats to feel secure and secure. What is having a support? That is, leaning against a solid wall. However, if there was originally a solid wall behind our seats as a support, but a mirror was installed on the solid wall, then this mirror weakens the support function of the solid wall and instead becomes virtual.

6、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of replenishing energy. The general five element attribute of a mirror is gold. Firstly, the ancients used copper as the mirror. As is well known, copper is a metal material, so the mirror of a mirror is next to gold; The second is the current mercury mirror, which is also made of metal. Therefore, mirrors have a complementary effect on those who enjoy the Five Elements of Gold. In addition, the Ark Book of Changes kindly reminds everyone that the brown mirror represents the five elements of earth and metal, while the blue mirror represents the five elements of gold and water. You can choose the mirror that suits you according to the five elements of your birth date.

7、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of virtual energy. Why does feng shui repeatedly emphasize that mirrors should not be placed facing the bed? Because the bedroom is the most secluded place in our lives, and the bed is the most private part of the bedroom. According to feng shui theory, these places are not accessible to outsiders. However, due to the feng shui function of virtual energy in the mirror, when we move in the bedroom, the mirror will also virtual the energy of a person's shadow, which is a sign of "outsiders entering", which clearly contradicts the feng shui theory of "outsiders not entering".

The bed cannot be facing the mirror.jpeg

8、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of reflecting energy. The feng shui function of reflecting energy from mirrors is mainly used to dissolve outdoor forms and demons. For example, when there is a sharp corner facing our house outdoors, it forms a sharp corner evil, which is mainly caused by villains, right and wrong, injuries, blood light, etc. According to the feng shui principle, we only need to install a mirror facing this sharp corner and use the appearance of a sharp corner in the mirror to balance the evil energy formed by the sharp corner facing our house outside the room, which can dissolve the sharp corner evil. However, it is also because mirrors are mainly used to target the evil spirits that come directly, reflecting the evil energy to avoid being damaged by the evil spirits. So it is not suitable to install mirrors on either side of the sleeping room. If there is a mirror for comparison, it is unfavorable. In addition to affecting health and marital relationships, it can also affect financial luck, offspring, etc. Especially at the end of the bed, a mirror should not be hung. Because this mirror is like a soul catching mirror, it can make the people in the room emotionally uneasy. If you want to install a mirror in the bedroom, it is best to install it in a more concealed location.

9、 Mirrors have the feng shui function of destroying energy. When the indoor mirror is damaged, incomplete, blurred, etc., it is recommended to replace it immediately. Otherwise, it will bring some negative energy information to the house, which will affect the life fate of the homeowner.

Where should I put the mirror?

There are many feng shui taboos for placing mirrors in homes. Properly placed mirrors can create good feng shui in the home and bring good luck to the family. Improperly placed mirrors can bring bad feng shui. Where is the best place to place mirrors? In terms of feng shui, there are three main areas:

1. Place the mirror in a location that reflects a pleasing image and adds good energy to the home.

2. Mirrors can be placed in a relatively dark place at home, which can increase brightness and invisibly eliminate bad energy and yin qi.

3. According to Chinese feng shui masters, the dining room is known as a family treasure trove, so a mirror should be hung. Placing mirrors in the dining room can enhance the ability to gather treasures, increase family wealth, and is the place where mirrors can exert their power the most. If there is no dedicated dining room at home, the area where the dining table is located can be seen as a treasure trove. Placing the dining table near the window, especially in a brightly lit area, can also bring in wealth.

How to put a mirror in feng shui is exquisite?

What are the Feng Shui tips for placing mirrors in homes? This is believed to be a question that many homeowners are puzzled about, but from the perspective of home feng shui, there are many feng shui considerations on how to place mirrors:

1. Avoid placing too many mirrors, as excessive light ejection can cause energy disruption. Mirrors should not be placed flat or tilted for hanging, causing energy to bounce randomly and causing disorder and anxiety in life.

2. The wall facing the gate is not suitable for hanging mirrors. A mirror facing the front door can lead to a lack of energy in the home, making it difficult to improve one's luck.

3. Do not hang two mirrors opposite each other, as this will only cause light to bounce back towards the opposite mirror, and it will not be helpful for energy coordination and aggregation in the home.

4. Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom. If it is necessary to place it, it should also be avoided to place it in a place that reflects off the bed, otherwise sleep may be unstable.

5. Mirrors should not be placed in the kitchen, as it may cause water and fire imbalance and bring disaster.

6. It is not appropriate to have a mirror in the bathroom, otherwise it will cause a stream of filth, cause trouble, and cause a lot of trouble.

The usage of mirrors in folk culture

It is said that there is a custom in England that broken mirrors must be picked up and thrown into the river. They believe that the mirror they have seen too much has their own soul, and if the mirror breaks, it will bring a lot of bad luck. The solution is to collect fragments and throw them into the river together, so that the bad luck will be washed away by the river.

This custom is similar to many contents in Chinese folk customs, but it has been found that mirrors are more commonly used in Chinese customs, as mirrors have never been a simple thing in Chinese traditional culture and have various strange uses.

Apocalyptic mirror

Do you think it's a Taoist usage to hang a mirror on a door that people often see? Do you think it was used due to the emphasis on feng shui in the Book of Changes? Think it's because you can't buy gossip mirrors and use simple mirrors? No! Here, mirrors are used to illuminate demons and ward off evil spirits! After the demons and demons become active, the door god can also block them out of the door. Therefore, hanging mirrors on the lintel is a common practice in folk customs to ward off evil spirits. If a mirror is set up opposite a neighbor's door, it means that the opposite door is regarded as a source of evil energy, preventing it! Of course, it's difficult for the two families to get along well with each other in this way.

Was the mirror used to look at oneself at first? Actually not. Mirrors were originally used by wizards from various tribes during the fishing and hunting period. Mirrors were used to illuminate and control demons! At that time, wizards pursued animism, which was the most primitive belief.

The later derivative of the Eight Trigrams Mirror is a combination of feng shui masters and the exorcism effect of the Eight Trigrams. When choosing the Eight Trigrams Mirror, choose based on its purpose. The convex mirror suppresses the evil and transforms the house, while the concave mirror absorbs wealth and benefits.

It is said that the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams Mirror can twist the universe and regulate feng shui. It is best to choose pure copper material, as there are also claims that copper ware can ward off evil spirits.


The lame Taoist in Dream of the Red Chamber gave Jia Rui the "Fengyue Baojian" mirror, which specializes in treating unjust deeds. This story is quite clear to everyone. Let me add another magical mirror: Qin Mirror.

It is used in the imperial palace of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, which can reflect the five organs and six internal organs of a person and distinguish the evil and righteous in the human heart. Jin Gehong's "Miscellaneous Records of the Western Capital" Volume 3: "When Emperor Gaozu first entered Xianyang Palace and Zhou Xingku Mansion, there was a square mirror with a width of four feet and a height of five feet and nine inches.

There is a light on the surface, and when people come straight to shine upon it, shadows are seen backwards; When you touch your heart with your hands, you will see the five internal organs of the intestines and stomach, which are completely devoid of energy; If a person has a disease, covering their heart and reflecting on it, they will know the location of the disease. If a woman has evil intentions, her heart will open up. Emperor Qin Shi Huang often used to illuminate palace people, while those who had a nervous heart would be killed Qin Jing, also known as Qin Jian. It seems that the word 'jian' is the basic skill of mirrors, because the reflection principle of mirrors has given people many expectations for mirrors.

There are still applications that can be seen in some places now, and on some old beds with history, you can see a mirror embedded in the middle. This mirror is not only used to ward off evil spirits, but also has the expectation of treating diseases.

The embedded mirrors are not large, and some mirrors may also have meaningful and beautiful divine beasts, flowers, and written blessings, such as auspicious words such as good flowers, full moon, longevity, wealth, and honor.

Why is it said that mirrors have therapeutic lenses? Because in traditional Chinese medicine, which was widely used before, there has always been a saying that evil is the cause of the disease.

Blessing mirror

Whether it's moving to a new house, celebrating birthday, getting married, funeral, or even some government celebrations, we can easily see the use of mirrors as a ritual. These mirrors will be written with blessing words and signatures. In general, these mirrors are hung on the hall. People believe that the hall represents the good fortune of a family, and there are mirrors to ward off evil spirits, suppress houses, and pray for blessings. This will ensure the prosperity of the family and the enjoyment of happiness for future generations.

In terms of wedding etiquette, mirrors are also essential. In folk customs, mirrors are embedded in the dressing table, or a mirror is placed on the dressing table and placed in the wedding room. The purpose is also to ward off evil spirits in the house, and to make the bride dress up and behave properly.

Previously, such mirrors were mostly hung in the places where officials used to receive and work in various regions. Therefore, there is a saying among the people that a clear mirror hangs high, borrowing the hope that officials can understand the truth like a mirror and make reasonable and correct judgments.

Protective goggles

Is the habit of wearing a mirror when going out just for the sake of beauty? It can indeed bring convenience to people's dressing up, but at the beginning, it was not said so. The earliest theory was that mirrors were used to ward off evil spirits. It is said that when demons see themselves in the mirror, they will be afraid and not harm others.

In some counties near Haizhou District of Lianyungang, there are still brides who carry a mirror in their arms during their wedding journey. The front of the mirror starts to face the bride herself, and when it comes to seeing off and receiving the bride, it is customary for the bride to "turn the mirror".

This mirror used to be called a carrying mirror, mainly used to ward off evil spirits and ensure the bride's safe journey and smooth marriage. In other exquisite places, even if the mirror is not placed on the bride, it is an essential part of the dowry.

Nowadays, many parents still put mirrors in their daughter's belongings, while men have basically abandoned this practice. The protective goggles on the armor of soldiers during the Cold Weapon Age are considered the most well-known form of protective clothing.

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