What are the characteristics of decorative glass?

2019-09-06 14:09:48
Nowadays, many people use ornamental glass to decorate their homes. What are the characteristics of this product that people like so much?

Glass ornaments make use of the crystal and transparent characteristics of glass, giving the image bright, lifelike, bright color, generally suitable for display at home, mainly because of its unique characteristics, are applied, so let's understand what its characteristics are?

1. Colored flat glass can be assembled into various groups, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, erosion resistance and easy cleaning.

2. Glazed glass has good chemical stability and decoration.

3. Embossed glass, spray glass, lacquer glass, engraved glass and iced glass have various colours, senses and lustre effects, which are full of decoration according to their different techniques of making patterns.

The characteristics of ornamental glass have been explained for you. Nowadays, many people will use this product for decoration. Xiaobian reminds us here that when using this product to decorate, we must choose the products with good quality, otherwise there will be danger.


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