What are the types of glass paint on painted glass

2020-04-01 09:53:22

Glass paint is a kind of paint suitable for glass performance coating, among which water-based glass baking paint is convenient for construction, high safety, high gloss, high hardness and other advantages of paint film, good adhesion. Moreover, water is used as diluent, which not only saves raw materials, but also is convenient for environmental protection.


Classification of glass paint

1. In terms of properties, glass paint can be divided into water-based glass paint and traditional oil-based glass paint;


2. Construction can be divided into glass paint can be divided into: hand painted paint, spray paint, spray paint, roller paint;


3. The specific paint types of glass paint can be considered as a variety: solid color paint, transparent paint, frosted paint, vertical paint, hammer paint, crack paint, three-dimensional paint, etc;


4. According to the temperature, it can be divided into: self drying paint, low temperature baking paint and high temperature baking paint