Wired Glass Classification, Application and Process

2022-12-17 22:36:40

                                                          Wired Glass Classification, Application and Process

I. Classification of wired glass
The types of wired glass are different according to the difference in the use of wired glass materials. Wire or mesh is added to the wired and embossed glass during the manufacturing process, and one side is pressed with patterned flat glass. Wired ground glass refers to the wired glass whose surface is polished. The thickness of wired glass can be divided into 6 mm, 7 mm and 10 mm.

Size not less than 600mm × 400mm, no more than 2000mm × 1200mm。 Wired glass is made of wire mesh and wire, which are divided into ordinary steel wire and special steel wire. The diameter of ordinary steel wire is more than 0.4mm, and the allowable deviation of length and width of size deviation is ± 4.0mm.
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2. Use of wired glass
The wired glass material has strong fire resistance, safety and anti-theft properties in the use process. Even if the flame of the wired glass breaks through, it can also block the intrusion of flame and fire powder, effectively preventing the spread of fire from the opening.

When the wired glass is damaged or broken, it can effectively prevent the glass fragments from flying away. Even in the event of earthquake, storm, strong impact and other fragments, it is difficult to fly away. Compared with ordinary glass, it is not easy to cause the fragments to fly away and hurt people.

Wired glass is suitable for inlaying in doors, windows, partitions and other places of buildings, and is used for fire protection, shock resistance and other ways. Even if the wired glass is broken, the internal wire mesh can support the glass fragments, which is difficult to collapse and break. At the same time, the wired glass also has a strong fire protection function.

According to the requirements of the building standard law, the fire door can be used as type B fire materials by using the combination of wired glass and type B fire door frame. Wired glass is damaged during use, which can prevent fragments from flying away and reduce personal injury to a large extent

3. Technology of Wired Glass

Wired glass refers to a kind of safety glass produced by calendering process. The rolled wire mesh is unfolded by the wire feeding device and sent to the molten glass liquid, which is made together with the glass liquid after passing through the upper and lower calendering rolls.

The material of the wired glass includes a metal mesh, which is mostly square and hexagonal in shape. The surface of the wired glass can also be made into patterns. The thickness of the wired glass is 6-16mm (excluding the thickness of the middle wire). The wired glass can be used in building ceilings, doors and windows and other occasions.

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