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6+6mm Colorful PVB Laminated Tempered Patterned Glass

Laminated glass is a Grade A safety glass, manufactured by adhering two or more pieces of glass together with a flexible interlayer. The interlayer is generally either a PVB (poly vinyl butyral) or a CIP(resin). The glass and interlayer are bonded together using heat and pressure in an autoclave.For the convenience of customers and designers higher requests,can provide a variety of PVB film for customers to choose (transparent, milky white, lattice point and customer specified color).By increasing the thickness of the PVB film and the number of glass, laminated glass can be used as bulletproof glass, bulletproof glass and decorative glass.


Raw materialsQualified float glass, low-e glass, tempered glass, frosted glass etc.
SizesMax: 3660mmx2440mm   The size can be customized according to your request.
PVB thickness0.38 mm, 0.76 mm, 1.14 mm, 1.52 mm, 2.28mm etc.
Total thickness

3mm+pvb+3mm, 4mm+pvb+4mm, 5mm+pvb+5mm

,6mm+pvb+6mm,8mm+pvb+8mm etc.

PVB colorClear, Milk White, Opaque White, Gray, Green, Bronze, Blue, Red etc.
Glass colorClear, Extra Clear, Euro Gray, Dark Gray, Ford Blue, Ocean Blue, Dark Blue, French Green
EdgeFlat edge,grind edge, high polished edge,beveled edge and 
CornerNatural corner, grind corner, round corner with fine polished
CertificationCE, ISO9001, AS/NZS2208:1996, SGS, EN12150

1.Safety:anti-theft and anti-riot, the fragment of broken glass will be stick on the PVB film, which will protect people free of harm;
2.Energy saving:there is a good insulating performance, saving energy;
3.Sound insulation:middle layer have cushion on the ultrasonic vibration of sound, so as to achieve sound insulation effect;
4.Laminated glass with UV blocking function, delay the fade of indoor furniture and decoration.

1.External use of high grade curtain wall, windows, doors, shopfronts in offices, houses,shops 
2.Interior lighting, skylight, elevated floor, glass screens, partitions, balustrades 
3.Shop display windows, showcases, display shelves etc.
4.Furniture, table-tops, picture frames etc.
5.Automotive glass and aquarium, etc.

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