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6mm Reinforced Chicken Wire Glass

Shape: Flat
Thickness: 10mm-600mm
Application: Workshop, Kitchen, School, Bathroom, Bedroom
Usage: Decoration
Colors: Customized
Structure: Solid
Warranty: 5 years

Chicken Wire Glass is also known as shatterproof glass and steel wire glass.

It is made by heating the ordinary material to a red hot softening state, and then pressing the preheated iron wire or wire mesh into the middle of the glass. Compared to ordinary glass, it not only enhances its strength, but also, due to the skeleton of the iron wire mesh, when the glass is subjected to impact or temperature fluctuations, it breaks without missing or scattering, avoiding small fragments of edges and corners from flying out and injuring people.

Wired glass usage:
1. The open part of wire glass used to prevent flame diffusion and burning.
2. Used for roofs, skylights, balconies, and other parts. Once the glass breaks, there is no danger of fragments falling.
3. Used for fire zones and smoke walls.
4. Wired glass has strong decorative properties and is widely used in home decoration, such as backgrounds, partitions, hallways, screens, doors and windows, etc.

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