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Extra Clear Solarifier Glass

Sloarifier glass also called anti glare glass,HHG crated suede texture on the surface to achieve effect that diffuse reflection light,the result  of anti-glare glass can lower of surrounding naturel light,improve the visible range and light level of display screen,and reduce the reflectance,In this way,the images become clearer,more colorful,and the best saturation.

The textures finish is characterized by a highly polished exquisite of orange peel surface and light transmittance up to 89%.apply for request higher light transmittance where you want.HHG Solarifier glass 2mm and 3.2mm use for boeing plane instrument board)  

Keep highly light transparency,reduce reflection disturb.  
Vision angle and effect of objects,make the picture more clearly.
Against Reflect,protecting eyes,allaying tiredness.
Scuffed resist,non another protecting film,

Application for  
Optical cover plate                                     
Picture frame
Art exhibition frame,museum
Decorative partitons

Single side or double side texture
clear or ultra clear