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Lacquered Glass Use For Wall Panels

Lacquered glass is popular used in kitchen,table-top,skirting line or outdoors wall panels,which give a feel of clean and simple remodeling a space,lacquered glass applications using backsplash glass, the kit create the fresh food for a healthy start of one day,HHG lacquered glass can be process of tempered,edge work or laminated,give a shiny glossy finish or satin finish,at same time.lacquered glass is shock resistant and heat resistant.


1 lacquered glass is moisture resistant. you can use back painted glass in regions where you need to work with water daily, like your kitchen or the shower room 
2 Dont worry about installation. It dont need drill any hole.微信图片_20210909143950.jpg
3 lacquered glass is one of the safest and durable glass. Dont fade with the time.
4 Lacquered glass looks quite natural and reflects light readily. You can use it as a backsplash glass behind your microwave or heating stove. The dazzle of color and illumination of several spaces is going to bring a new feel to visual.
5 Back painted glass is used in several building projects,as for outdoors wall panels
6 lacquered glass is easy to clean the region surrounding ,the surface is smooth and uniform
7 lacquered glass is quite environment-friendly. Also offers aesthetic values.

Normal colours:Red,white,black,amber,green,
Thickness:3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Size:600x1200mm 1830x2440mm,2000x2440mm,2140x3300mm,2140x3660mm,also customer size available