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Satin Etched Non Glare Glass

Non Glare Glass also called AG glass, it is a particular chemical treatment on the surface of glass.the glass reflective surface become matt diffuse reflection After processing,The reflective images is fuzzy.Decrease the light reflex,make the light reflectance is from8% to 1%,the result of ensure object colored brightly, true and protecting eyes,anti glare glass enhance the finest photographs or paintings while reducing glare and protecting against moisture and finger-pints.anti glare glass is non-corrosion,non-scratch.smooth surface seem to the skin of baby.HuiHua create visual space with more transparency and better enjoyment. The textures finish is characterized by a highly polished surface and high light transmittance up to 88%

Ag glass fetures and advantages

when keep high light transmittance,reduce light reflectance of environment

improved display screen view angle,enhance view,make the image more clear

anti glare light,don't dazzling,remove tried of eye

resistance to abrasion,needn't any other screen protecting film,

Applications for            
lcd screen protector                                                 
industrial instrument
high quality picture frame
electronic whiteboard for school teaching,
architectonic window,reduce light pollution of city
auto touch screen, as for autocar display screen
electronic products display window,as for tv ,pc and so on,

Single or two side etched
Size:1220x914mm,1220x1500mm,1220x1830,1830x2440mm,2000x2440mm cut size are available
Polished edge is available,tolerance±0.2mm

Anti glare glass performance include follow parameter

Performance parameter 1.1~8mm
Light transparency88%±2
Glossiness (gu)30-100%
Roughness (µ)≤0.3µm