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Satin Etched Non Glare Glass

Non Glare Glass also called AG glass, it is a particular chemical treatment on the surface of glass.the glass reflective surface become matt diffuse reflection After processing,The reflective images is fuzzy.Decrease the light reflex,make the light reflectance is from8% to 1%,the result of ensure object colored brightly, true and protecting eyes,anti glare glass enhance the finest photographs or paintings while reducing glare and protecting against moisture and finger-pints.anti glare glass is non-corrosion,non-scratch.smooth surface seem to the skin of baby.HuiHua create visual space with more transparency and better enjoyment. The textures finish is characterized by a highly polished surface and high light transmittance up to 88%
Applications for
auto touch screen,               
lcd screen protector                                                 
industrial instrument
picture frame
Electronic whiteboard
electronic products display window

Single or two side etched
Size:1220x914mm,1220x1500mm,1650x2200mm, cut size are available
Polished edge is available,tolerance±0.1mm

Anti glare glass performance include follow parameter

Performance parameter 1.5~6mm
Light transparency88%±2
Glossiness (gu)30-100%
Roughness (µ)≤0.3µm