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Tempered Safety Metal Mesh Laminated Glass

Due to the presence of metal wires or mesh inside the glass body, the overall integrity of the glass is greatly improved. Avoiding overall collapse during damage has a certain fire prevention and safety effect. The disadvantage of wired glass is its poor perspective, as there is a wire mesh inside, which interferes with the visual effect to a certain extent. Secondly, the exposed metal wires at the edges of the glass are prone to corrosion. The safety of wire and mesh glass is reflected in maintaining its integrity when damaged, and the fragments of glass will not disperse under the traction of the wire, reducing harm to the human body. It can be used in skylights, roofs, indoor partitions, and other situations where debris can easily cause injury. In addition, due to the difficulty of wire mesh glass penetrating, it also has a certain anti-theft effect when used for door and window glass. Sandwich glass can also be used as a secondary fireproof material for doors and windows. Ordinary glass is prone to cracking and falling due to heat during a fire, causing air flow and fire spread. Although the glass with wire mesh may explode in a fire, it does not collapse and penetrate due to the support of metal wires or mesh. It can maintain its integrity to a considerable extent, prevent air flow, and have a good resistance to the spread of fire. Sandwich and mesh glass are also suitable for earthquake resistant situations, such as buildings with high seismic protection requirements and factories with industrial vibrations. Wire and mesh glass have improved the brittle properties of flat glass, making it a low-cost and widely used architectural glass.


Tempered Safety Metal Mesh Laminated Glass

Glass thickness


Glass color

Clear, ultra clear, bronze, gray, blue, green, black, etc

steel wire thickness

Ordinary steel wire has a diameter of over 0.4mm.Special steel wire has a diameter of over 0.3mm. Spot welded metal wire mesh with treated wire mesh glass.


Flat interlayer: thickness 6-40mm

Min: 70mm × 150mm, maximum: 2650 × 6500mm


Curved interlayer: thickness 6-30mm

Minimum specification: 300 × 400mm maximum specification 2000 × 3000mm

Maximum arch height: 400mm


1. Extremely high safety
2. Energy-saving building materials
3. Create aesthetic sense to buildings
4. Sound control
5. UV protection


1. Windows,doors,
2. Skylights and canopies,
3. Glass stairs,balustrades,
4. Automotive windshield,
5. Facades and curtain walls


30% deposit, 70% after B/L copy


Sea worthy wooden crate with interlayer paper

Delivery time

15 days


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