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Tinted Glass Texture

Colour glass texture is make by molten glass mixing with a prescribed percentage of metallic oxide,The molten glass through the gap and squeezed between two rollers,one of which has a patterned that creats a cast textured on the glass surface,For privacy, Colour  glass textured allow light into internal rooms and gives you dignity and nostalgia optionsQQ图片20180409103608.jpg,the glass color not fade with time,it isdurable era of stained glass panels,use in partition,cathedral,cabinet,church glass window,furniture and antique building where need tinted glass panels glazing.
Stained textured glass keep energy saving and tend to reradiate the absorbed heat.
High value creation by color window exterior appearance.
Origin material for each level of architecture glass processing
Processing Options: 
Clean Cut and polished edge
Laminated(pattern glass+pvb film+clear window glass)

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Tinted Textured glass is finished which glass through the mix with chemicals mineral ,normally metal oxides and sulfides that act as pigments in glass,for example,manganese oxide produces a purple colour glass,cobalt,a blue,cadmium sulfide,a canary yellow.and selenium,a red.metal oxides can also be used in specific combinations in glass to form either distinct colors or colourful patterns,an understanding of stained and stained rolled glass available in glass that allow the craftsperson to create color to the greatest benefit.the stained glass application for lamps,window,doors,craft and building decoration.
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