Advantages and disadvantages of toughened glass panel and stainless steel panel of gas stove

2019-12-11 09:32:18

Comparison between toughened glass panel and stainless steel panel of gas stove

 China is a country with a large population and one of the most electric appliances in the world. With so many household appliances, the consumption of all kinds of metals is also greatly increased. In recent years, the state has increased the control of some metal materials. Many household appliances take the consumables into account that some countries have more reserves and can recycle resources. A variety of aluminum, toughened glass and other materials have been applied to household appliances. The change of materials not only reduces the price of products, but also saves many precious resources for the country. Here is a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of toughened glass panel and stainless steel panel


A. glass panel

1. Up to now, the use of glass is almost all over all fields of modern life. However, in recent years, the accidents of toughened glass bursting are common. This reason is related to the impurities of nickel sulfide and heterogeneous particles in the glass. The automatic bursting of toughened glass without direct mechanical force is called self explosion. Although the phenomenon of self explosion of toughened glass may be caused by improper installation or maintenance during use, the more likely cause is the quality of toughened glass produced by the manufacturer


2. Improper installation may also cause glass self explosion. In the process of processing, transportation, storage and construction of glass surface and edge, defects such as scratches, craters and edges may be caused, which is easy to cause stress concentration and lead to self explosion of toughened glass, or for example, when the glass is installed with certain inclination or the shape of glass is changed artificially, similar problems may also be caused.


3. The minimum requirement of tempered glass is to ensure that the product certificate has 3C certification mark. In addition, when we wear polarized sunglasses to look at the glass, the tempered glass should show color stripe spots, and it will also have blue spots when we look at the side with the naked eye. Finally, we can pay attention to the arc degree of tempered glass, which is not as smooth as the ordinary glass, but has the sense of concave convex. The longer side, there will be a certain degree of flatness Radian.


4. The toughened glass has high strength and can even bear the weight of several people, but it has a weakness that it is afraid of being scratched and hit by sharp things. Due to the small contact area of sharp objects, the pressure on the glass at the contact point is quite large, which makes the glass slightly cracked due to a great external force at this point. For toughened glass, a little cracking means that the stress distribution inside the whole glass is broken, resulting in numerous Spider Network Cracks in an instant



B. stainless steel panel


1. As we all know, when the gas stove is working, the temperature near the stove will be very high. The stainless steel material used for the gas stove panel has made a lot of efforts in heat conduction. Even if the gas stove is working for a long time, the temperature of many parts of the panel is still as normal temperature.


2. In terms of heat resistance, users can put the hot pot on the panel at will without worrying about the explosion of the panel when cooking.


3. The strength is what stainless steel is good at. Stainless steel does not need to worry about the scratch and impact of the panel.


4. It's very convenient to clean. You can clean it with a little water dipped in a cloth.


Now, the style of stainless steel panel is more and more fashionable and novel, no matter which decoration style is matched, it is nice