Characteristics and Applications of Wired Glass

2023-05-23 14:27:17

Wired glass is a type of safety glass produced through rolling process. Unfold the rolled metal wire mesh from the wire feeding device and deliver it to the molten glass liquid, and together with the glass liquid, pass through the upper and lower rolling rollers to form a sandwiched glass. The shape of the metal wire mesh in laminated glass is usually square or hexagonal, and the surface of the glass can be patterned or smooth. The thickness of wired glass is usually 6-16mm (excluding the thickness of the middle line) and is widely used in building decoration.


Features of Wired Glass

Wired glass, as one of the most commonly used glass for partition, has many advantages. It belongs to the category of laminated glass, and its safety performance is no different from that of laminated glass. Even if the laminated glass is broken, the wire or mesh can support the fragments, making it difficult to break or break. Moreover, it has good fire resistance and the effect of preventing combustion from expanding from the opening. The linear or mesh like inner layer still works even after the glass is broken, preventing thieves from stealing.


Wired glass is a type of glass that is sandwiched between two pieces of glass with iron wire or silk cloth. It has a variety of colors, styles, and styles to choose from. Whether the style is modern and minimalist, pastoral, Chinese, Mediterranean, Japanese, and other styles, there is a matching design choice for wire glass.


High safety performance, fire resistance, theft resistance, diverse styles, and aesthetic personality are all characteristics of laminated glass.

Use of wired glass

Wired glass is more commonly used in home partitions. Due to its diverse styles, people who like to use glass as partitions have more choices. There are also many cases of its application in screens, doors and windows, and partitions. Reasonable selection of wired glass that conforms to the design style can play a decorative role.

Wired glass is more commonly used in commercial settings, such as office partitions, screens, guardrails, etc., which can showcase the individuality of the design style or serve as a prominent design for the entire environment. Skylights, roofs, indoor partitions, and other occasions have a certain anti-theft effect when used with doors and windows. Wired glass can also be used as a secondary door and window protection material. Wired glass or silk glass improves the safety and aesthetic properties of ordinary glass, and its price is stable. It is a widely used building glass

When decorating, not only should the aesthetics of the materials be considered, but also safety should be taken into account. Especially for those with elderly people living in their homes, the material in some places should focus on whether the safety performance meets the standards.

Recently, many netizens have mentioned a problem: the shower glass at home is difficult to clean and feels easy to break. Ordinary material glass is single-layer and relatively thin, and when used, perhaps one object can damage the glass.

In fact, when installing glass in the bathroom, we need to consider material quality issues even more. Sometimes, after using shower gel, it is easy for feet to slip. If the glass material is not good at this time, it is very easy to cause human injury.

How to avoid this problem? Wired glass can be considered during installation.

1: What are the benefits of wired glass?

Compared to ordinary glass, wired glass has a good anti fragmentation effect. There are significant differences in the production process. After glass is heated, metal or patterned membranes are added to the middle during production, forming a special material of glass.

2: Where is wired glass used?

Living room partition:

If you think that installing glass in the living room can easily blur your vision and accidentally touch your head, then you can consider using wired glass. Compared to pure colored glass, the colors and patterns of laminated glass are more diverse, and can display different effects in various style living rooms.


Bathroom partition:

Wired glass has a certain line of sight blocking effect. Used in the bathroom, it not only prevents slipping and smashing glass, but also blocks the view, allowing the hostess to take a shower with peace of mind without worrying about privacy leaks.



Wired glass is suitable for families with children, and is a good choice for floating window sills or wardrobe doors. Because of its good sealing and shatterproof properties, even if there are mischievous children at home, there is no need to worry about safety hazards.


Kitchen door:

Wired glass has good heat resistance and can withstand the burning of fire. Used for kitchen partitions or doors, greatly reducing the risk of other houses being burned down due to fire.

Kitchen door.jpg

Which specifications are better for wired glass?

The common thickness of wired glass is above 6MM and below 16MM.

How to measure the thickness of glass? After measuring the overall thickness, subtract the thickness of the intermediate wire to determine the true thickness of the glass. In this thickness, it is not better to be thicker or thinner, but to consider the middle size of the glass.

The anti shattering effect of ordinary households is average, and can be used with a thickness of about 10cm. If installed outdoors or in large shopping malls, the thickness should be above 14cm, which can have sufficient pressure resistance and resist damage caused by wind, wind, and sun agents.

The size of wired glass is generally larger, usually above 60CM horizontally and vertically. Owners can make reservations according to their own needs.

3: Characteristics of wired glass:

Adopting high-tech metal wire mesh integration technology, it has sufficient impact resistance when used, even under gravity, it will not shatter, but will only present spider web turbine cracks. When making glass, new technological elements are incorporated, which has a good high-temperature resistance effect and can withstand heat at around 300 ° C. Installed indoors, it can also have a good insulation and fire isolation effect.

4: Material characteristics:

Firstly, it is possible to customize patterns according to the owner's needs. Because there is a wire clip in the middle, during this period, the owner can choose the pattern in the middle of the glass according to their own style. Compared to a single ordinary glass, it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Secondly, the thickness of the glass is controllable. Because many wired glass is customized, the owner can customize the thickness of the glass based on shooting and needs during production.

Third: Impact resistance. When encountering external pressure, glass can withstand it perfectly without damaging itself. In some ways, when encountering natural disasters, one can find a glimmer of vitality under the glass.

Fourth: Excellent fire prevention effect. Even if the glass is damaged after a big fire, it will not directly break into slag. It is supported by the wires inside to prevent harmful airflow from flowing and causing harm to the human body.

5: How to install?

Customize glass according to needs - Plan and layout where to install the wire glass - Clean the bottom of the wire glass before installation to ensure it is dust-free - The decoration master installs the glass through processes such as clamping in and fixing the frame.

Please note:

1. Do not place it flat during transportation, and seal it with cardboard or a good air bag during transportation. To prevent severe shaking and damage to glass corners caused by sudden stopping of the car during walking.

2. Rust prevention treatment, compared to ordinary glass, requires attention to waterproofing during placement due to the presence of wires in the middle. After being wetted by water, the iron wire will rust, resulting in poor impact resistance of the wire glass.

3. During construction, pay attention to the changes in the cutting wire and glass tearing caused by cutting. Before installation, it is recommended to place it in an empty room and fix it by filling around.

4. Attention should be paid to the matching degree of the patterns when stitching. For many customized patterns, if the size changes are not taken into account during construction, all patterns will move after installation, causing situations such as not being able to match.

Wired glass has many advantages, and when used indoors, it still needs to be customized according to needs.

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