Code for use of energy saving glass curtain wall in buildings

2019-11-11 14:09:29

Energy saving glass curtain wall, as a peculiar planning in contemporary construction, not only embodies the best combination of architectural and aesthetic layout planning, but also fully embodies various achievements of glass. At present, the biggest highlight of glass curtain wall utilization is that the utilization of various energy-saving glass malls greatly reduces energy consumption. Although the effect is also very good, but energy-saving glass curtain wall will also produce a lot of problems, such as energy-saving glass curtain wall broken, glass falling and so on.


There are many reasons for the glass fracture caused by the impurity nickel sulfide,


1.1 nickel sulfide is a harmful impurity that can not be restrained in the process of glass production. Nickel sulfide itself does not harm the glass. However, when the curtain wall glass containing nickel sulfide is placed in the curtain wall, due to the increase of the external temperature, the volume incubation of nickel sulfide will produce a small change, resulting in a small hole in the glass. These holes will pass through the tension layer of toughened glass Part of the energy is released, causing the glass to break.


The first step is to start from the source. Glass manufacturers should monitor the whole process of glass manufacturing, just to eliminate nickel materials and glass raw materials. Secondly, it is necessary to monitor the backward placement of curtain wall glass. Foreign countries have the skills to detect the existence of nickel sulfide impurities by means of photography. If there are necessary changes to be made in a timely manner, it is necessary to be on guard against injuries caused by broken glass. The single tempered glass and tempered hollow glass can also be replaced by laminated glass. At this time, if the nickel sulfide impurity causes glass breakage due to deformation, the fragments still adhere to the film, so as not to form glass rain and cause harm to the ground personnel.


1.2 the thermal stress caused by the thermal stress is one of the reasons for the tension of the glass curtain wall. There are many reasons for the heating of the glass curtain wall, but the most intense heat source is sunlight. When the sunlight shines on the appearance of the glass curtain wall, the glass will be heated and expanded. If the glass is heated and symmetrical, the glass edge and the middle part of the glass will expand at the same time. But if the edge and the inner part of the glass are not heated and symmetrical, tensile stress will be generated inside the glass, when the glass edge has cracks or micro cracks When there are small cracks, these defects are easily affected by the thermal stress. With the increase of temperature difference, the thermal stress causes the cracks to increase gradually and finally leads to the glass breakage.


The processing steps are: first, the glass edge shall be subject to the fine processing punishment, and the fine grinding edge or polishing edge shall be accepted to eliminate the existence of micro cracks; second, the glass shall be subject to the toughening treatment punishment to enhance the glass's ability to resist the temperature change; third, in the process of glass processing, handling and placement, the glass must be properly covered, and the glass edge shall not be connected with the glass edge He firmly collides and rubs objects and strictly obeys the operation rules. Especially in the process of placement, if the frame does not fit (too small or distorted), he must remember not to use pliers to clamp the glass corner, and correct the frame to make it conform to the size of the glass.


Energy saving glass is invented and used in buildings, which is not only the beautification of buildings, but also the saving of building materials. Although it has its own shortcomings, as long as we continue to carry out scientific and technological innovation and strengthen the supervision of energy-saving glass manufacturers, it will still bring us more new technologies.


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