Comparisons between tempered glass and semi-tempered glass?

2019-10-15 15:02:59

When toughened glass is broken, the whole piece of glass is broken into small particles, which will not cause serious harm to human body when touching broken glass or falling from high-rise buildings. When the semi-toughened glass is broken, the crack of the whole glass extends from the point of force to the edge, which is radioactive, and most of the glass is still in the frame. If semi-toughened glass falls from buildings, it will also cause serious damage to people like ordinary glass.


Strength: The strength of semi-toughened glass is more than twice that of float annealed glass, while the strength of toughened glass is more than four times that of float annealed glass.


Thermal stability: The thermal stability of semi-toughened glass is twice as high as that of annealed glass. But lower than tempered glass.


Reprocessability: Semi-toughened glass is as non-reprocessable as toughened glass. When it is reprocessed, the glass will burst.More Detail: