Decorative Glass Classification and Application

2022-08-15 17:47:14

                                                                                  Decorative Glass Classification and Application

Stained flat glass is also called tinted glass or veneer glass. Stained glass is divided into two types: transparent and opaque. Transparent stained glass is produced by adding a certain amount of colored metal oxides to flat glass, and is produced according to the general flat glass production process; opaque stained glass is also called veneer glass.

(1)Colored flat glass

Colored flat glass can also be made by spraying polymer paint or pasting organic film on the surface of colorless glass. This method is more casual in decoration. The colors of colored flat glass are brown, yellow, pink, sapphire blue, green, etc. Stained glass can be assembled into various patterns, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, and easy cleaning.
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(2) Sleeve glass

Sleeve glass refers to coating a layer of colored fusible sleeve material on the surface of the glass cut to a certain size, and after sintering, annealing or tempering and other processing processes, the military layer and the glass are firmly combined, and the glass sleeve is made of glass. Glass in beautiful colors or patterns. The features of sleeve glass are: exquisite pattern, no fading, no fading, easy to clean, and can be made according to user's requirements or artistic design patterns. Axial glass has good chemical stability and decorative properties, and is widely used in interior finishing layers, finishing layers in foyers and stairwells of general buildings, and exterior finishing layers in buildings.

(3) Patterned glass

Patterned glass is also called patterned glass or knurled glass. There are general patterned glass, vacuum coated patterned glass and color film patterned glass.

(4) Spray glass

Spray-painted glass, also known as glue-painted glass, is made by pasting patterns on the surface of flat glass, wiping a protective surface layer, and sandblasting to form transparent and opaque patterns. Spray-painted glass gives people an elegant and beautiful feeling, and is suitable for indoor doors and windows, partitions and lighting.

decorative glass 4.jpeg(5) Emulsified glass

Emulsified glass is made by affixing a pattern on one side of flat glass, wiping a protective layer, and chemically etched. Its pattern is soft, clear, beautiful and rich in decoration.

(6) carved glass

The engraved glass is made of flat glass by painting, engraving, waxing, acid etching and grinding. The three-dimensional effect of the pattern is very strong, like a relief, and it shines even more under the illumination of indoor lights. Engraved glass is mainly used for indoor partitions or screens in high-end places.

(7) Ice glass

Ice glass is a kind of glass with random cracks like natural ice texture formed by special treatment of flat glass. Frozen glass has a diffusing effect on the light passing through. It has the characteristics of natural pattern, soft texture, opaque light transmission and comfortable visual sense.

The decorative effect of ice glass is better than that of patterned glass, giving people a sense of elegance and freshness. It is a new type of interior decorative glass. It can be used for doors and windows, partitions, screens and home decoration in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars and other places.
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